Stealth Satellite radio install

Tired of worrying about our truck getting broken into because you have aftermarket radio equipment ?

Here is a solution that will give you Sirius Sat Radio and the ability to play MP3's and the install is totally stealth

Head unit looks like boring stock Lightning 6 disk -

This is the Sirius Sat and MP3 Radio

This is the connector I made using a male and female world connect plug.
Using this I made NO hacks onto my stock radio wiring to add aftermarket speakers, amp, sub and this Sat radio.
All the connections are soldered.  And the truck can be returned to stock in about an hour.
 All of this is ONLY required if you are adding aftermarket AMP speakers and sub.  The Lightning has 25w speakers stock.
You could also use a similar wiring setup to run an amp on the existing
speakers and it would keep you from having to run speaker wires thru to the doors etc.

This is what's in the Sat unit box

I stuck the Sat Downlink box right next to the PCM on the pass side kick panel 
Its about the same size and the PCM and it fits good there.

This picture is borrowed from this thread - "B-Man" had a great idea for a stealth Sat radio install . Works GREAT

Antenna goes approx where the Yellow dot is. You will have people tell you the antenna cant work there -
BS it works GREAT and since its not visible your truck doesn't have a big XM or Sirius advertisement on the roof or the back window

This picture is also borrowed from this thread - Thanks "B-Man"


This shows my truck and the wires coming across from the pass side to the drivers side to enter the cab. 

The ONLY grommet I could find on the pass side was under the truck and I didn't want the amp power and Sat antenna going under there...



Here is where i mounted the sat box - Up under the pass kick panel

If you are interested in this setup

just contact Omicron directly-

Or contact your Local Ford radio warranty repair shop

The Radio is just under $450 with trade in and the Sat unit is an additional $250.  Prices might seem steep but the peace of mind and the integration is worth it.  If your truck is under 90 days old this equipment installed by the right people will be covered under 3 year 36,000 warranty.  

You get free activation with Sirius and 2 free months if you pay for a year ... You can try it online as well

Think about it you can now have Sirius satellite and 4.2 gig of MP3s in your lightning and it looks STOCK.
Just realized tonight that Sirius has a MAXIM radio channel

Here is channel line up

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