Step by step of the Superchip install on 2000 Ford Lightning
Installation would be the same for any 99 or 2000 F150

 Contents of the kit


MVC-033S.JPG (37813 bytes)

Disconnect negative battery terminal

mvc-032sarrow.jpg (33495 bytes)

 Use 10 mm socket to remove the bolt in the center of the Wire Plug above 

mvc-028sarrow.jpg (36032 bytes)

This is the front of the computer after the bolt is removed - 
Notice the little keyways on the computer point towards the drivers side - 
You'll need to remember that when you replace the computer.

mvc-031sarrow.jpg (41913 bytes)

This is a shot under the passenger side kick panel after the chip is installed but it
 shows the location of the computer in the cab. Pull the little black clip off and ease the computer out. 
It is only held in place by the firewall gasket at this point.

mvc-014sarrow.jpg (65799 bytes)  

Notice the lip on the bracket, you will want to bend the upper 2 parts of the lip out of the way 
so they don't force the Superchip away from the computer after installation.  The easy way to bend them is to remove the bracket from the truck so you can get some leverage on the bracket. 

  MVC-017S.JPG (31014 bytes)   

MVC-019S.JPG (35255 bytes)  

View from engine compartment looking down at battery and firewall 
Computer is missing - plug is dangling in front of hole

MVC-020S.JPG (41060 bytes)  


MVC-021S.JPG (54013 bytes)  

Top cover removed

MVC-022S.JPG (53693 bytes)  

Bottom Piece just falls off after you remove the 6 screws.  
Taking the computer apart makes cleaning the contacts MUCH easier since you can get 
good access to both sides of the edge connector..  

MVC-023S.JPG (48549 bytes)  

The shiny drops on the chips are big gobs of Conformal Coating as Superchips calls it

MVC-024Stext2.jpg (95478 bytes)  

Clean contacts.  I used a small screwdriver to remove 90% of the lacquer coating.  Then I used the Scotchbrite pad to clean and buff the contacts smooth.  If you use a screwdriver and work carefully you should be able to see the coating peel off in strips.

MVC-025S.JPG (31042 bytes)  

MVC-027S.JPG (31753 bytes)  

Assembled and ready to duct tape and slide back in...

MVC-028S.JPG (28469 bytes)  

View from engine compartment of computer with plug removed

MVC-029S.JPG (38438 bytes)  

Computer slid back in place, the black clip and the firewall gasket are all that holds it in.

MVC-030S.JPG (32113 bytes)  

Red and black twisted pair is the flip switch wires.  I had elaborate plans for the switch but already 
realized I will never switch it so I will probably just coil it up next to the computer and zip tie it.

MVC-031S.JPG (33042 bytes)  

Make sure you carefully route the twisted pair wire so it is not chafed by the lips on the bracket. 
There is some evidence that incorrectly routed switch wires can cause radio reception problems.
One cure is to pick a program and bundle the wire up and wire tie it near the chip.  

MVC-031S.JPG (33042 bytes)  

View of computer with plug attached

MVC-033S.JPG (37813 bytes)

 Working this close to battery be careful you don't knock the negative
 cable back against the battery post - Zap !!
All that is left is to reconnect the battery and start her up !!

There is a great place to put the switch under the glove box.  The Superchips chip fits GREAT
No drilling and it is protected yet easily reachable.

The switch has 1 and 11 written on it and a notch on the barrel of the toggle.  
When the switch is nearest the notch that is the lower performing program.

I hope to add some pictures of the PSP chip soon as well...

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