Truck 12-Volt Bedcover Light install

Nice kit - Easy install

Here are the contents of the kit - I had already started assembling it by the time I took this picture
The red and black cable is shipped as a spool -
All I did was strip the end and crimp it to the connectors already mounted in the light
As you can see everything you need is in the kit

In this picture you can see the connector and the cables connected
The light has no polarity so you can connect either cable to either connector.
Didn't mean for the black tubular fuse to be in the middle of this shot
The light is similar to the light under your hood - Its activated by the angle of the cover

Here are the connection on my truck. 
Since I had the Snuglid XL remote opener installed I used the same ground and power as the remote -
Also used the Fuse that I added to the remote. 

This is a timed exposure of the lid light- About a 5 second exposure

Another Timed Exposure - They show the light to be a little brighter than it appears to your eye
BUT the light easily fills the bed ..

Here is a small 9mb movie of the light in action
Its dark but you can see my arm reach over and open the lid - The light comes on - then close it ...
Next Stop Hollywood ... LOL

Light is available here Texmarketplace

In the past I tried using a tap light and other stuff - But they never worked for me
Because its so dark - I have had groceries get lost up in the front of the bed -
Almost had a huge mess from a rotting head of lettuce BUT the bag held together. 
Wont have those issues anymore

I have added another recent mod -

Send me $15 and Ill make you a custom Bed organizer just like this one. ;-)
Pickup only no shipping ..

Quick shot of the remote for the snuglid


UPDATE - After a year or more of use I have had two problems where the light doesn't
go out when the cover goes down - it ran my battery to NOTHING in 4 or 5 days

Need to either wire it to the accessory relay that turns off automatically or remove it all together